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Drop Co Coffee

Drip Co Coffee, a woman owned company where we know that the experience of a coffee lover is never complete without the perfect brew. We've created a coffee store that has something for everyone.

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It was a real treat to collaborate with Michelle Barone and Stefania Riccitelli on the development of their new website for their new coffee brand. Helping to locate a new coffee supplier was assigned to us as a task. We were successful in locating a provider that carries a wide range of distinct varieties that originate from all over the world. The coffee that this vendor sells is widely considered to be the highest quality available.

After that, we got to work on the packaging, as well as the design of the brand's logo and labelling. In addition to that, all of the mockups that you see on the website were made by us.

Alongside the coffee beans, we made the decision to sell other products related to coffee that are dropshipped. Quick delivery is available on all products, all of which are sourced domestically in the United States.

After that, we brought the development and design to a close. The finished products, in our opinion, look fantastic.

Michelle Barone and Stefania Riccitell are the current owners of a coffee company that is very successful.

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