July 19, 2022
Megan Grady

3 New Apps to Get Your Meeting Moving: Modern Tools to Stay in Touch!

Go-To Meeting Apps

In the current social climate, it has become increasingly difficult to find a time when everyone is available for a meeting. That’s where online meeting apps come in. They provide us with the ability to find a time that works for everyone, and they also allow us to record the meeting so that those who were unable to attend are still able to receive the information. There are a handful of online meeting applications that provide added functionality and flexibility, compared with standard teleconferencing systems. They usually include integrated web conferencing and content sharing tools, and many of them also offer screen-sharing functionality. There are also a number of applications designed specifically for meeting preparation and collaboration. These range from apps that help you create and manage agendas and take meeting minutes, to apps that facilitate the creation of visual concepts and ideas through brainstorming and visual mapping exercises.


Doodle is an online scheduling app that allows you to find a time that works for all your team members. You can set up the meeting, and then other members can select the times that work best for them. Once the meeting times have been selected, Doodle will notify everyone of the chosen time. You can use Doodle for online meetings, team-building activities, project planning, and more. It’s easy to use and offers a simple set up and scheduling process. If you want to collaborate with your team members but don’t want to be tied to a specific meeting time, or if you are planning an open-ended project, Doodle could be a great solution.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a simple, web-based tool that you can use to conduct online meetings. You can host virtual meetings with up to 15 people, or you can join an existing meeting. You can also conduct audio-only meetings if you want to avoid screen sharing. Google Meet is a great option if you want to host virtual meetings but don’t want to spend money on a meeting room system. It’s easy to use, and you can start a meeting with just one click. You can also join an existing meeting without having to wait for an invitation.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a Slack-like communications application that is used for both internal communication and online meetings. It is available as a communication app within Office 365 and as a standalone application for use with any email platform. Microsoft Teams brings together the best communication tools like voice, text, and video, and adds meeting tools like collaboration, whiteboarding, and decision-making support tools. You can use it to schedule online meetings with team members and clients, create task lists and set due dates, share documents and other files, create polls and surveys, and more. Microsoft Teams is a great way to keep all of your team’s communication channels in one place.


Modern tools are essential for workplace communication and collaboration, and many of these modern tools integrate with traditional communication methods, such as phone conferences or in-person meetings. However, the best way to stay connected and drive collaboration is to find what works best for your organization. When comparing different options and choosing new apps, remember to consider the following: What kind of functionality do you need? What is the best platform for your organization? Do the apps integrate with your organizational tools? What are the costs associated with these apps?

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