January 2, 2024
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SEO: Whats the script?

Hey there! Let’s dive into what's trending in SEO for 2023, especially for the bustling scene in Glasgow. I’m here to share insights from Neat Digital, where we’ve seen the SEO landscape evolve faster than a quick Scottish rain shower.

SEO’s Ever-Changing World  

Think of SEO as a chameleon, constantly changing its colours. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing; now, it's all about smarter strategies like voice search, AI, and making your website as user-friendly as a chat with your neighbour. User experience, or UX, is where it's at – your site needs to be snappy, mobile-friendly, and as welcoming as a cozy Glasgow café.

UX: More Than Just a Pretty Face  

UX isn't just about good looks; it's about feeling. If your website is a slow coach, visitors will drop off faster than kids running out of school. Nail the UX, and you’ll have visitors sticking around, browsing, and maybe even clicking that 'buy' button.

Local SEO for Glasgow Folk  

If you're playing the game in Glasgow, local SEO is your secret weapon. It's about showing up when locals are searching. Keep your business info consistent, befriend Google My Business, and collect those local reviews like they're precious whisky drops.

Content: Still Reigning Supreme  

Let's not forget, content is still royalty. But we're not talking about any old content; it’s about stuff that people genuinely want to read or watch. Blogs that fix problems, articles that answer questions – that's your ticket to the SEO big leagues.

Link Building: It’s All About Connections  

Link building is like networking in the digital world. The aim? Get quality sites to link back to yours. It’s like getting nods of approval from the big players, boosting your credibility in the SEO game.

Data: Your SEO Compass  

Navigating SEO without data is like wandering in the Highlands without a map. You need analytics to guide your strategy, showing you what works and what needs a tweak. It’s a bit like experimenting with different recipes until you find the perfect dish.

Voice Search and Long-Tail Keywords: The Future is Now  

Voice search is on the rise, and it's changing the game. People are talking to their devices more and more, so your content needs to sound natural, like you’re answering a mate's question. And those long-tail keywords? They're like the hidden nooks of Glasgow – not always noticed, but full of surprises and opportunities.

So there you have it!

The SEO scoop for 2023. It's a mix of keeping your website user-friendly, your content engaging, and your strategy flexible. SEO's a bit like fashion – what’s hot today might not be tomorrow. But hey, that’s all part of the fun, right? And if you ever need a hand, we at Neat Digital are just a shout away to help guide you through the exciting world of digital marketing.


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