Creating a completely new supplements brand for our client, with branding that fits their target audience and stands out in the competitive market.

Lana Jackson
3 Weeks

“Handover day is so exciting :) I’ve just finished my review of the site and OMG, it is absolutely beautiful. Wow. I am so blown away--it's actually more than I expected, it looks so good.”

Our web design agency was tasked with creating a new supplements brand from scratch. Our client wanted a brand and design that would stand out in the US market and allow them to compete with globally known supplement brands. To achieve this, we had to conduct extensive market research, competitor analysis, supplier sourcing, branding, and web design.
We began by analysing the current market to ensure that we took reference from global brands. Our team worked closely with the client to research and finalise the domain name before moving into logo design and product branding. We arranged everything with a US based supplier who specialises in a range of popular products. We collaborated closely with their team to ensure the product collection appealed to the target audience and provided a high return on investment for our client. Next, we designed the entire product range and e-commerce website following all branding guidelines that we’d created. We also enhanced the product collection with professionally written descriptions and stunning graphics made in-house by our design team.
The end result was a comprehensive branding and web design solution that accurately reflected the quality and effectiveness of the products. Our team created a visually appealing brand identity and packaging design that helped the brand stand out in the highly competitive supplement industry. The website was optimised for search engines and provided a seamless user experience on all devices. The new brand, named Browne Wellness, now has a strong and recognisable brand identity that resonates with their target audience and sets them apart from their competitors. Our web design agency's efforts helped create a successful brand that has captured the attention of the industry and provided a solid foundation for our clients growth.

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