Alexa Scott
6 Weeks

The Big Red Wedding Show aimed for a unique logo and website design to convey their brand narrative and showcase their offerings distinctively. They aimed to stand out among other wedding events, capturing their target audience's attention. Our task was to crate a logo and website design that efficiently communicate their event's essence, leave a lasting impression in a competitive industry, and uphold an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious appearance.
At The Big Red Show, our project began with in-depth market research and analysis, drawing inspiration from prominent brands. Collaborating closely with the client, we accumulated valuable insights to craft an outstanding logo design aligning with their brand vision. With the logo finalised, we smoothly transitioned to crafting an interactive website, meticulously adhering to established branding guidelines. Elevating the product collection, we seamlessly incorporated top-tier photography, skill-fully written descriptions, and visually captivating graphics produced by our skilled in-house team.
The outcome is an appealing and functional website that presents the offerings in their finest form, communicating their exceptional quality and effectiveness. Our team expertly crafted a visually striking and distinctive logo, positioning the brand as a prominent player within the competitive wedding industry. Leveraging our expertise in search engine optimisation and responsive design, we ensured the website's search engine optimisation and seamless cross-device user experience. The Big Red now boasts a strong and recognisable product lineup, complemented by a captivating website that engages customers and reinforces the brand's distinct identity, differentiating it from rivals. Through our unwavering dedication as a web design agency, we have played a vital role in establishing a thriving brand that has gathered industry recognition and paved the way for our client's future expansion.

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