Ryan Mitchell

Account Director

The Neat team recently welcomed Account Director Ryan as a new member. He's consistently thinking about your best interests and is always available for a chat. 

He was raised in Ayr, the coastal town of honest men and bonnie lassies. He has always been intrigued by how things operate. Ryan would take everything apart as a youngster with the desire to put it back together again. A true problem solver and analytical thinker.

He attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology, with academic interests in AV, Management, Law, and Electronics among other things. Despite this, he has worked in Customer Service, Team Management, and Project Planning for over a decade. He is most pleased when a job is finished and takes satisfaction in client recognition. 

Family-oriented and open-minded, Ryan enjoys music, playing guitar, and the outdoors. He is never happier than when he is relaxing around a BBQ or open fire, or sailing on the open sea. He is an extrovert who often strikes up a conversation with other people, whether he knows them or not. 

He is open to discussing any subject. Why not drop him a line and say hello?

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